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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What do MoneyBall and B2B Marketing Have in Common?

How do you compete with the likes of the New York Yankees when they have four times as much money as you do to spend on players' salaries?  The answer to the question is the subject matter of the book MoneyBall which has recently been made into a movie.

In an excellent article by Lisa Shepherd posted on Canadian Business Network, Why B2B Marketing Is Like MoneyBall, Shepherd suggests that you have to figure out a way, usually contrary to conventional wisdom, to beat the big guys with deeper pockets.

I love the notion of blazing a path free from the rest of the "me too" crowd. Mimicking what the majority is doing will not result in a breakthrough for your business.

You can also out-personalize the competition.  You can out-deliver the competition.  A good question to ask your customers is why they chose to go with you rather than a larger company - what is it that they most value?

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